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Your First Visit

Please bring to your first consultation:

  • Referral letter
  • Blood test results
  • Any X-Ray and Scan reports. CD of pictures if available.
  • Medication list, including; Anticoagulants – blood thinners.
    E.g. Aspirin, Plavix, Warfarin.

At your first consultation we will ask you to complete a registration form and a medical questionnaire. This allows Mr Choi to gain comprehensive information as to other health providers involved in your care and to consider your current medical needs holistically.

You will then have your consultation with Mr Choi where your current problem and medical history will be considered and an examination performed. Diagnosis and treatment options will be discussed with you. If surgery is required then a date will be arranged and the necessary hospital paperwork completed in conjunction with the practice manager. Educational information is provided giving more information about the nature of your condition and what to do before and after the surgery.

Proposed complex surgical cases often require a 2nd consultation prior to surgery so all requested test results are to hand and can be reviewed. This allows you to reflect on the information provided in the first consultation and any further questions you may have can be addressed. Whilst many people are well educated about their procedure, it is important to understand how it relates to you personally.

A written quote will be provided to you outlining the surgical fees. The anaesthetist, or his rooms will contact you directly outlining their fee structure. As there are numerous private health funds with many different policies, you will need to contact your fund directly to clarify what they will charge you as an ‘excess’ to be treated in a private hospital.